If you’re already hard at work planning your 2022 adventures, you might want to know about two new tires Metzeler is releasing to start the new year off right. The Tourance Next 2 is the next evolution of the tire maker’s road-focused adventure touring tire. Meanwhile, the Karoo 4 represents a step forward in on/off-road rubber if you want a tire that can do both.  

According to Metzeler, the Tourance Next 2 is primarily aimed at on-road riding comfort and durability. To achieve these goals, Metzeler deployed its proprietary tire compounds to offer accurate control at any lean angle, as well as excellent wet braking response. Since it’s meant to be a touring tire, Metzeler also worked to ensure that the Tourance Next 2’s performance worked just as well with luggage and a pillion in tow, as well.  

Part of Metzeler’s secret sauce is its Dynamic Mold Angle Technology, or DYMATEC for short. This patented formula regards how the tread pattern is designed “to preserve the functional geometries of the compound blocks and consequently tire performance over time.”  

Metzeler Tourance Next 2 - On Bike
Metzeler Karoo 4

The front Tourance Next 2 uses an 85 percent silica compound with functionalized polymers, which Metzeler says specifically reduces braking distance by over 10 percent in the wet while remaining stable under various loads. The rear tire contains a central strip with that same silica compound, while the shoulders feature a full-silica compound to increase wet grip and performance.  

The Karoo 4, meanwhile, is ready for those adventures that take you off the beaten path, offering on- and off-road performance. Enhanced wet weather performance over the Karoo 3 was a target, including making it possible to approach increased lean angles secure in the Karoo 4’s grip. As well, Metzeler wanted to ensure the Karoo 4 would more than hold its own in sand, mud, and clay. 

Both the Tourance Next 2 and Karoo 4 tires will be available in a selection of 19-inch and 21-inch front tire sizes, as well as 17-inch and 18-inch rear tire sizes. Current planned on-sale date is January 2022 for the Tourance Next 2 and March 2022 for the Karoo 4. Pricing and availability will vary by region, so your best bet for the most accurate information in your area is to contact your local authorized Metzeler vendor.

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