As many of us slide into two-wheeled hibernation, now is a great time to do those tire changes you’ve been putting off until the end of the season. There are tons of options out there, and chances are good that even some cursory research has your eye on a few options to suit your  needs. Now, Metzeler has just announced four new models for 2020 to help widen your field of choices. 

There’s a little something for four different categories of bike, here. First up, if you loved the Sportec M7 RR, Metzeler has now come out with its successor, the Sportec M9 RR. Naked, supersport, and sport-touring riders have loved the M7 RR for some time. I personally love my M7 RRs (which I purchased myself, with my own money, and which were not provided to me for any kind of review purposes), and will happily recommend them to anyone who will listen.

According to Metzeler, the main change with the M9 RR is that it’s been redesigned to better work with electronic rider assistance systems as more and more newer bikes have them. The new Sportec M9 RR range comes in three front and nine rear tire sizes. I’m hopeful that it’s as good or better than the M7 RR if it’s going to replace it, but of course won’t have any clear idea until people start taking these out for road tests. 

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For sport-touring folks, the Roadtec 01 SE is meant to amp up the performance characteristics of the Roadtec 01 at sharp lean angles. To that end, Metzeler says this upgraded version comes with a wider contact patch in the middle of the tire, with slicker shoulders. The SE is an addition to the Roadtec 01 range, and does not replace the regular 01 at this time.

For track day riders and club racers, Metzeler offers the Racetec TD Slick. It’s meant to offer great track performance without the need for things like stands, tire warmers, and a whole host of other equipment usually associated with running slicks for track activities. It’s meant to be a great slick tire without the hassle. Does it succeed? Once again, we’ll know more when people start testing them. These will fit 17” wheels, with 120/70 and 180/55 sizes offered up front, and 190/55 and 200/55 offered in the rear. 

Finally, for scooterists, Metzeler is consolidating its scooter offerings into just one scoot-focused tire: the Roadtec Scooter. It will fit a range of wheel sizes from 10 to 16 inches, and is meant to replace every other current scooter tire in the Metzeler catalog. The manufacturer says this new compound is grippier in wet and low-friction situations, along with offering greater performance in a wider range of temperatures. 

Source: Metzeler

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