Ever since the invention of the first motorcycle, people have been thinking of ways to go even faster. These days, even the most powerful motorcycles are loaded full of aftermarket support to make them even faster. While upgrading your sportbike's performance is rather common, you may be surprised to know that even scooters get a range of aftermarket, performance-oriented mods. 

This is especially true for the maxi-scooter segment, which has seen as massive increase in popularity in recent years. In many ways, maxi-scooters serve as the happy medium between innocent, no-frills scooters, and full-blown big bikes. As such, oftentimes, these bikes are equipped with mid to high capacity engines cranking out respectable amounts of power. The Yamaha TMAX, recently updated in 560 trim, is quite possibly the best example of a performance-oriented maxi-scooter currently available in the market. 

Polini Unlimited Speed Traction Control Switch For Yamaha TMAX 560

As it would turn out, a vast aftermarket exists specifically to increase the performance of the Yamaha TMAX. Everything from aftermarket exhaust and intake systems, to variator kits and ECU tunes bump up this long-distance scooter's performance to such an extent that the bike's built-in safety features, i.e., traction control and speed limiter, get overwhelmed. The TMAX's stock traction control system and speed limiter systems either fail completely, or interfere with the bike's enhanced riding dynamics.

To address these issues, Italian aftermarket scooter specialist Polini has released a traction control switch called the Unlimited Speed. Additionally, the setup also overrides the TMAX's built-in speed limiter, allowing you to enjoy the full benefit of all your aftermarket mods, too. Of course, it's assumed that you will be using this setup—deactivating traction control and overriding the speed limiter, that is, in a closed and controlled environment. Subsequently, the Unlimited Speed Traction Control switch retains TC functionality when in the "on" position, keeping your scooter perfectly street-legal. 

The best part of it all is that the Polini Unlimited Speed Traction Control switch bolts directly on to existing hardware, and doesn't require you to cut or splice any wires. As mentioned, it allows you to activate and deacitvate traction control, and even has the option for you to reset your scooter to original factory settings. It's priced at 243 Euros, or the equivalent of $275 USD. Versions for previous generation TMAX models are available on Polini's website, too.

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