Those of us of enjoy venturing off the beaten path aboard our motorcycle tend to find ourselves in unfamiliar places, and sometimes even lost without  a way back to civilization.  These days, with the ubiquity of gadgets and technology, we're never really lost, as with the tap of a button, we can navigate our way back home. That being said, today's tech innovations in the field of adventure riding seek to offer more convenience than before.

This is what Midland is setting out to do with its 2022 lineup of ADV-focused riding equipment. At the recently concluded EICMA 2021, Midland showcased its new gadgets designed to make adventure riding, as well as general day-to-day commuting, all the more enjoyable. On offer are the new BT Rush communicator, H9 Pro Action Camera, and EK30 and EK35 Emergency Kits. Let's gloss over each of them, shall we?

Midland Releases New BT Rush Intercom System

First off, we already talked about the BT Rush communicator, when Midland released it in November 2021. It basically presents itself as one of the more premium offerings in the ever-growing motorcycle intercom game. With features comparable to that of SENA and Cardo's offerings, the BT Rush offers both Bluetooth connectivity and Mesh communication for maximum versatility. Its Mesh communication system offers up to one mile of rage, and a total of ten people in a single chain. It's equipped with a premium audio system that allows you to simultaneously listen to music, GPS, or the radio, while in communicator mode. 

Midland Showcases Latest Tech Gadgets At EICMA

The Midland H9 Pro Action Camera will surely serve as an affordable alternative to GoPro's pricey products. This barebones action camera offers a robust construction complete with an impact-proof and waterproof case. It boasts the 4K recording capabilities, as well as a capacity of up to 128 GB. Just like its more premium competitors, the H9 Pro allows easy file-sharing thanks to the iSmart DV App, for quick file transfers to your Android or iOS device. It retails for just 169 Euros. 

Midland Showcases Latest Tech Gadgets At EICMA

Last but not least, in the event of an emergency, or when your long adventure rides last longer than anticipated, Midland offers a the EK30 and EK35 Emergency Kits. The EK30, designed as the lightweight package, comes with two XT30 walkie-talkies, an emergency whistle, a compass, a flashlight, and a set of six rechargable AAA batteries. Meanwhile, the more heavy-duty EK35 features the same kit, but with an additional ER30 powerbank, twice the amount of rechargable batteries, various connectors and cables, and four thermal blankets. Both kits come in a sturdy case, and retail for 69 Euros and 119 Euros respectively.  

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