Keeping an electric vehicle charged is easy when you have a personal garage or a charging port in a parking structure. If you leave your vehicle on the street, however, securing a charging station-equipped parking spot can be a daunting task. That’s where ZipCharge’s Go portable EV charging station steps in, keeping drivers on the road without access to a wall box.

Offered in 4 kWh and 8 kWh variants, the ZipCharge Go offers power on the go with a roller luggage-style case. The brand estimates that the charger transfers its full power in 30-60 minutes and provides 20-40 miles of range for electric cars. That’s just enough power for the average daily commute.


The rolling wheels and extendable handle make transporting the 48.5-pound power bank from the home to the vehicle much easier. Users can control the system through ZipCharge’s dedicated mobile app and the charger pack suits all vehicles equipped with Level 2 connectors. Similar to an external power bank for smartphones, the portability allows users to take the charging box on extended trips as well.

While many scooters are moving toward swappable battery technology, the ZipCharge Go benefits models without that feature. The 4-kWh charger delivers much-needed power, but won’t fully recharge a full-size electric motorcycle. The 8-kWh option will get models like the Zero FXE back to 100 percent, but it only packs enough juice to recharge flagship bikes like the LiveWire One and Zero SR to about half capacity.

Charging station access is one of the biggest barriers to purchase for electric vehicle buyers. Starting at €1750 (≈$2,000 USD), the ZipCharge Go is an affordable alternative for electric motorcycle, scooter, and car owners that park on the road.

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