Remember Voxan? After setting a total of eleven new speed records in 2020 at the Châteauroux Airfield in France, the team isn’t keen to rest on its streamlined electric laurels. While that’s often the case with high achievers, Voxan also has another reason to want to stay ahead of the game: competition. British company White Motorcycle Concepts currently aims to beat Voxan’s existing records, so Voxan naturally wants to beat them first. 

To that end, Voxan just unveiled the new and improved version of its Wattman streamliner on November 15, 2021. Coincidentally, that’s also the day its first round of high-speed testing is scheduled to begin with this new and improved machine. Once again, Max Biaggi will be at the helm—and once again, the team expects nothing less than great things to come from this exercise. 

What’s changed? For a start, the total weight is now under 300 kilograms (or 661 pounds), which allows it to compete in a new category. Power and torque have also increased. The first Wattman iteration made a claimed 270 kW (or 362 horsepower), while the new one makes 320 kW (or 429 horsepower). Torque on the Wattman version two is now 1,360 newton meters, or about 1,0003 pound-feet. 

How did Voxan get the Wattman’s weight down so it could compete in the new category? This new bike uses a brand-new battery design, created by Voxan and French TotalEnergies subsidiary Saft. The battery in question is both mechanical and electric, and Voxan says power also significantly increased over the previous version. 

The team also made some dimensional changes to improve the bike’s stability and airflow on Wattman v2, as well. Wheelbase increased from 1,800 mm to 1,957 mm on the new bike, while seat height went from 610 mm to 685 mm. Thanks to these changes, it’s now possible for Voxan to add a fairing as needed to help streamline airflow even further.  

If all goes according to plan, testing should get underway at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We look forward to seeing how the team’s new tests shake out over the course of the next week. 

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