French gear maker Cosmo Connected serves cyclists, scooterists, and motorcyclists with helmet-mounted smart brake lights with indicators. Now, the brand is branching into the heads-up display market with its Cosmo Vision HUD glasses.

Constructed from Base 8 frames and photochromic lenses, the Cosmo Vision glasses adapt to all lighting conditions while remaining stylish. Cosmo Connected coats the inner lens with a yellow treatment and MLV blue on the exterior maintains readability while protecting the eyes from harsh light. Riders can adjust brightness manually or let the automatic feature take over as well.

Straight lens projection and the firm’s ActiveLook see-through technology allow users to display turn-by-turn navigation on the right lens. By swiping a hand across the left lens, users can scroll through data with the gesture-based user interface. Cosmo Connected adapted the technology from athletic applications that enable runners to track their speed, rhythm, and heart rate, and the glasses benefit from that foundation.

When connected to Cosmo Vision’s dedicated smartphone app, the tech not only reports the rider’s speed and ride time but also connects to the brand’s Cosmo Ride light. Used in tandem, the helmet-mounted taillight signals automatically when the rider approaches a turn dictated by the navigation app. The integrated function not only eases operation for the rider but also improves safety.

Even in inclement weather, the Cosmo Vision works seamlessly thanks to IP54 waterproofing. The Cosmo Vision’s heads-up display also touts a 12-hour battery life with only a 3-hour recharge time. The CE-rated glasses also come with a two-year warranty and retail for €489 ($560 USD). The Cosmo Vision glasses will be available just in time for the holiday season in December, 2021. With a mix of function, form, and performance, the Cosmo Vision adds to Cosmo Connected’s growing range of smart safety devices.

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