CFMoto is rapidly expanding throughout the rest of the world. Known in several territories, and recently introduced into the United States, the Chinese brand is finally dipping its toes in Moto3, backing the Prüstel GP Team for 2022. 

The 21-round world championship will see the KTM-derived RC4 race bike flying the CFMoto flag, but with a KTM badge for good measure. Since CFMoto and KTM have been technical and operational partners for quite some time, it feels somewhat expected that the two companies will share a similar interest in high-performance motorcycles. 

Two riders comprise the lineup of the Prüstel GP Team for Moto3. Two 18-year-old riders, Xavier Artigas and Carlos Tatay will be fielded moving into the 2022 Moto3 season. Artigas managed a podium finish in his debut Grand Prix in 2019, while Tatay is a former Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup champ. 

Su Zhen, CFMoto’s Racing Development Manager, stated that “entering the category and the Grand Prix motorcycling world championship means a new adventure for us and one we are very excited about. We are grateful to have some strong partners, like the Prüstel GP team, and we know the series is very competitive. We cannot wait to start, and we will also look to challenge more international racing events in the future. We hope fans, especially the ones in China, will follow us on our journey!” As such, it will be interesting to see how far the CFMoto brand goes with its new venture into the world of motorsports. 

Prüstel GP’s Team Manager, Florian Prüstel, also had this to say: “We are proud that Prüstel GP can collaborate on a project like this. In tricky times worldwide – and also for motorsports – we are grateful to have a partner like CFMOTO on our side. With this big global manufacturer behind us we will have a great opportunity to bring the best sporting results and media exposure for the brand.”

You can expect a few KTM-Esque CFMotos as is the case with the soon-to-launch 800MT from CFMoto. The adventure-tourer will use a KTM-based 790cc parallel twin with an uncommon firing order, and it is expected to be one heck of a machine. It started with CFMoto producing several small displacement motorcycles for the Austrian brand, but the partnership has progressed far enough to merit a joint venture with a research and development building paired with a manufacturing plant in Hangzhou. 

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