Honda’s been hard at work on its electrification plans, both out in public and behind the scenes. In December, 2019, its first electric delivery scooter rolled out into the Japanese market. The Benly:e brought with it a very business-fleet-oriented introduction to Honda’s Mobile Power Packs, the swappable, portable battery packs it’s developed for use in various types of equipment.  

After the Benly:e came the Gyro:e cargo trike, an electric update to Honda’s long-running Gyro three-wheeler that’s also a very popular delivery vehicle in many countries. Much like both the combustion-powered and electric Benlys, it’s commonly used by delivery riders in the markets it serves.  

Since three is clearly a magic number in a whole lot of languages, on October 28, 2021, Honda introduced its third electrified delivery vehicle to the market. No, that’s not a BMW C1, that’s an all-new Honda Gyro Canopy:e! The piston-powered version of the Gyro Canopy, like its Benly and Gyro counterparts, has a long history delivering pizza, takeout, and other items to eager customers as quick as you like. 

Honda Gyro Canopy e - Front Right Angle View
Honda Gyro Canopy e - Mobile Power Packs

Like the Benly:e and Gyro:e, the Gyro Canopy:e is intended for use by customers who enter into a contract with Honda that will facilitate spent battery collection. As part of Honda’s goal of going 100-percent zero emission by 2040, it’s taking steps to ensure that all those batteries that have outlived their usefulness don’t just end up in landfills. Since it’s also making its MPPs available for use in things like light-duty Komatsu construction equipment, that can only be a good move for the planet. 

The Gyro Canopy:e gets a claimed 77 kilometers (just under 48 miles) per charge, assuming an average speed of 30 km/h (roughly 18.6 mph) as is frequently used in urban delivery situations. It takes 5 hours to reach a full charge, but if businesses simply keep rotating MPPs in and out of charging stations, swapping a depleted baterry for a fresh one should be a snap.  

Gyro Canopy:e scooters make a claimed 4.3 peak horsepower at 5,800 rpm, as well as 9.6 pound-feet of torque at 2,300 rpm. Like its combustion counterpart, it’s licensed as a moped in Japan, and like the other two of Honda’s recent electric delivery scooters, it’s available in your choice of white or red. Total cost for a new Gyro Canopy:e is 715,000 yen, including consumption tax. That works out to about $6,272.  

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