I have two very important questions for you. First, is there anything better than being an absolute idiot and having a great time with a buddy? Second, couldn’t we all use a full-throated belly laugh right now, given the ongoing pandemic and general state of the world? If your answers to both these questions are “yes” and “YES,” then 44 Teeth’s newest Budget Bike Battle series is just what 2020 ordered. 

This is the fifth series of BBB. The main rule is a budget of £2000 (that’s about US $2,551 in mid-2020 Yankee dollars) for both your budget bike and any parts you need to fix it up. From there, partners in moto hilarity Al and Chris set off to do challenges they’ve previously agreed upon, recording all the ridiculousness that ensues for viewer amusement. 

In a massive reflection of the deeply weird times we’re all living through, taking their usual jaunts through continental Europe to tackle silly challenges on their eBay bargains didn’t seem like the right course of action. Instead, the 44 Teeth guys are visiting the Five Nations (that’s England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland) for their fifth battle, trying to foster a little UK and Ireland togetherness through hours of deep and heartfelt silliness on YouTube.  

Naturally, the two needed wholly appropriate steeds upon which to undertake such a momentous journey—and they found them! After hours of careful Internet trawling, Al found a 2009 Piaggio X9 scooter with a sidecar for £1500 (US $1,915), while Chris found a BMW C1 for £900 (or $1,149). No, it’s not half a GEM car—it's the one and only BMW scooter designed by Bertone. Yes, we do mean the same Bertone that also designed the likes of the Lancia Stratos. (Incidentally, that same Bertone also went into bankruptcy in 2014. Coincidence? I am joking, but the C1 was a major commercial flop in the early 2000s. The X9 was briefly sold in the U.S., but we never got the C1, thank goodness.) 

This is only the first episode of a series, and three of the five previous BBBs have lasted 10 or 11 episodes in total. Theoretically, that means we have quite some distance to travel. Will both scoots make it to the finish line? What kind of shenanigans will transpire? Subscribe if you want to find out. 

Source: YouTube  

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