If one of the biggest crimes to you is people who take themselves way too seriously, you need to get acquainted with YouTube channel Sick Puppy 4x4 Adventures. Now, as the name implies, they mostly do bonkers stuff involving off-roading four-wheelers rather than two-wheelers. However, in their most recent video, they take the most DIY, budget motocamping trip you’ve likely ever seen—and if you could really use a laugh, you need to see it.

In the video directly prior to this one on Sick Puppy’s channel, the boys took two push-bikes (that’s Australian for what us US-types simply call a bicycle) and installed 80cc two-stroke thumper engine kits and an entire host of silly bits to make their own simple motorbikes. You wanna go way retro and bridge that gap from bicycle to motorcycle? LET’S DO IT.

For the video above, the Sick Puppy boys took their two homemade motorbikes out for the most budget of DIY motocamping trips. A quick trip to the local outdoor shop and a key purchase of a little single burner unit off eBay yielded all the accessories the pair needed to go camping in style. No bolts necessary; a quick wrap with some tape to strap things to their bikes and backs was all they needed.

The Sick Puppy duo said that their producers insisted they get helmets, and you know, safety first! So, in their flip-flops, cargo shorts, and bicycle helmets, the two set off on their grand camping adventure. Perhaps the best bit is when it comes time to fill up their air mattresses, and the pair realize they haven’t brought any kind of air pump or compressor to fill them up. Good thing that camera ATV is with them, because it works a treat for blowing up mattresses in a pinch.

Of course, settling down for dinner once the tents are up is the cap on a perfect motocamping day, and what could be better than a mega pack of tasty sausages on bread? Maybe they’ll do a glamorous cooking show next. 

Source: YouTube

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