So you’ve decided to go off the grid. Head into the bush. Commune with the great outdoors.  Unplug and unwind. Question is, in the midst of shedding the tyranny of technology do you have to give up gourmet? Not necessarily.

Executing delicious dining while traveling on two is a potentially complex conundrum, especially if you include eating among one of your favorite activities; but fear not, RideApart has some sneaky suggestions for the newbie motorcycle camping chef.

1.  Sugar and spice and everything nice

This is really what those condiment packets are perfect for, so load up on them whenever you get the chance. Then pop them into Ziploc baggies, dry ones – salt, sugar and pepper – separate from the “wet” ones like hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, relish, vinegar, peanut butter, jam, mayo, whatever you like. 


2. Get as you go

Fresh is better. Although it might seem prudent to buy and pack absolutely everything you need for every meal, why use up the precious space unless you really aren’t going to pass a single store. Plus, when it comes to produce and other perishables, best to buy, catch, or harvest just before you consume.

3. Just add water

Get to know bulgur wheat and couscous. They are delicious alternative to rice, pasta and quinoa and don’t need to be cooked in a separate container.  Just put the desired amount in a bowl, add boiling (or even just really hot) water and cover. Wait a bit and then "Voila!" Yum and done.

4. It isn’t just food, it’s a dish

The fruit or veg you fancy can be your edible bowl or plate.

For example: transform a banana into a complete breakfast. Simply make a slit in the top, scoop out a bunch (which you should eat) and fill the space with a nut butter (from a packet), maybe some granola, a few chocolate chips (you get where I’m going with this), then close it up, wrap it in aluminum foil and toss it in the campfire for several minutes before enjoying the warm, gooey, nutritious goodness.

In the same way, a squash can also double as a tasty bowl.  Wrap it in foil and toss it on the fire (for a while). When it’s ready, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds (which you might also want to cook up and salt for later snacking), add your favorite vegetarian or meat sauce and then dive in. Yum!

Gourmet Grub On A Campout
Foiled again!

5. Speaking of aluminum foil

This, easy-to-carry, lightweight product is an excellent cooking companion. A cob of corn sprinkled with salt, pepper and some spices, wrapped up in foil and thrown on the fire. Yum. Do the same with chopped vegis or potatoes and there’s a glamorous side dish. Try it with chopped fruit for a fancy desert.

EXTRA ADVICE: Save space for the good stuff. Pack plastic.

Please, don’t get angry. We’ve all been doing our best to eliminate disposable plastics, but the truth is, most of us have piles in our drawers. If you don’t want to buy a cute little cutlery camping set or a spork, bring along a few sets of take-out utensils. They are free, weigh next-to-nothing and you can reuse the same set until it breaks, and then bring out a sparkling new set.  Same goes for plastic plates. Plus, they’ll free up space for more critical culinary.

So that’s it for this edition of adventure cooking. What are your handy tips? Want more recipes? Have any to share? We’re on it.

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