Motorcycle gear like helmets and jackets often come in flashy, fluorescent colorways, and for good reason. The eye-catching accents not only capture motorcycling’s sporting spirit but also grabs the attention of fellow motorists. Footwear, however, isn’t as much of a head-turner on the road. As a result, gear manufacturers offer more casual designs and color schemes.

Possibly the most understated of them all, Segura’s updated Hodge 2 leather boots look great on and off the bike. As the -leaning counterpart to sister company Bering, the French brand favors classic design but doesn’t leave out the modern amenities. Similar to the original Hodge lineup, the revised boot maintains a classic silhouette with minimal detailing. There’s no toe cap or wingtip to accent the timeless cut, just a simple cowhide construction pre-treated with water repellent.

Of course, the leather provides excellent abrasion resistance but Segura pairs that tough exterior with a soft polyester interior liner. Under the surface, the Hodge 2 also features toe and heel reinforcements. Ankle armor seamlessly integrates into the boot's upper while an anti-crushing sole protects the rider in the event of a crash. Thanks to the protective properties, the Segura boot achieves a PPE certification according to European standard EN 13634: 2017.

The Hodge 2 may not boast side zippers for riders to easily slip into the boots, but the classic lacing closure aligns with its classic form. Retailing for only €199.99 (≈$235 USD), the boots are both fashionable and affordable. The Hodge 2 only comes in black but it spans European sizes 40-46. If you’re looking for a loud pair of motorcycling boots to match your sporty jacket and helmet, the Segura boots may not be your cup of tea. If you’re in the market for footwear that does the job on the bike without looking the part off of it, the Hodge 2 is for you.

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