The BMW GS range of adventure bikes has become synonymous with adventure all across the globe. With more than 40 years of heritage behind the GS name, the bike has evolved a great deal from the rudimentary adventurer it once was. Today's BMW R 1250 GS is nothing short of a technological marvel, boasting state-of-the-art performance and an electronics package that puts it ahead of the competition in its segment. 

Grab This 1994 BMW R100GS Before It's Too Late

Three decades ago, however, the GS was very much different. However, its very nature remained the same—standing the test of time and beckoning riders of all generations to answer the call of adventure. One such example has surfaced on auction on Bring a Trailer; a beautiful 1994 BMW R100GS. This particular example is finished in a striking black and yellow livery, a similar colorway today's 40th anniversary GS models sport. This particular machine has definitely had its fair share of adventure, with 24 miles on the clock. It's currently looking for a new custodian to take it many more adventures in the years to come. 

This 1994 BMW R100GS features a few choice modifications which serve to  enhance the bike's adventurous spirit. It gets a Corbin solo saddle, as well as a raised Acerbis front fender and serrated Q-Tech foot pegs. The bike was acquired by the selling dealer in April, 2021, and has undergone a battery of service and maintenance jobs. For starters, the bike's carburetors were cleaned and adjusted, its valves and ignition timing were also serviced. 

Grab This 1994 BMW R100GS Before It's Too Late

Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via an air-cooled, carbureted, 980cc horizontally-opposed boxer-twin. When new, this motor pumped out around 60 horsepower and 56 ft-lbs of torque. Expect, however, that the hands of time will have sapped just a little bit of power from this mill. This particular example sports a chrome two-into-one exhaust system with a high-mounted muffler. As of this writing, the current bid for this 1994 BMW R100GS stands at an enticing $6,000 with bidding closing in four days. If this bike is of interest to you, be sure to visit the original listing in the link below.

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