As riders, we know and accept that our favorite activity involves some amount of risk. To mitigate those risks, many of us take steps such as wearing appropriate motorcycle gear or continuing education. Unfortunately for us, we can only control how we ride, not how anyone else on the road behaves. That’s why Australia-based company Navman introduced a motorcycle-specific dashcam unit called the MiVue M760D.  

Navman started out making GPS units, as you might guess from its name. Later, it moved into making all kinds of dashcam units, which it sells in different markets around the world. It markets these under the “MiVue” name, with different designations for each model. While you have plenty of choices if you’re a car or truck driver, the M760D is so far the only Navman offering specifically geared toward motorcycle use. 

The details make all the difference. Inside the box, there are both front and rear cameras that record in 1080P at 30 frames per second. Both cameras use Sony’s proprietary STARVIS low light sensors to ensure crisp, clear details, even at night. Sony describes these as using “back-illuminated pixel technology,” originally developed for security camera use. That would obviously come in handy in plenty of other settings as well, such as in low-light dashcam situations. 

Gallery: Navman MiVue M760D Dashcam

Other features include: 

  • GPS tagging 
  • a 3-axis G-sensor that can provide information in the event of an impact 
  • wide-angle lenses to capture the lanes around you as you ride
  • one-button emergency recording via the handlebar control module 
  • an IP67 waterproof rating 
  • EZYSHARE instant WiFi sharing via the connected smartphone app 

Inside the MiVue M760D box, you’ll find two cameras, a brainbox that houses the microSD card where your recordings are kept, and the handlebar-mounted control module. You also get a set of 12V waterproof power cables, cable ties, camera mount adapters for both cameras, a 3M buckle, extension cables, and an installation guide. The unit comes with a 32GB microSD card included, but can accept up to a 128GB card if you prefer.  

While Navman does sell products in various countries around the world, unfortunately, not all products are sold in all regions. It’s a story you’re probably familiar with by now. As of October, 2021, it appears that the MiVue M760D is only sold in Australia, and is not sold in Europe or North America at this time. MSRP is $599 Australian dollars, which works out to about $442 American dollars. 

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