Ten years is a long time, and the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is extremely pleased with what it’s accomplished in its first decade. in that time, DGR has raised millions of dollars for its chosen charity, the Movember Foundation, which supports men’s health in both the physical and mental realms. If you’ve participated in a DGR event and raised money for this important cause, you’re an important part of making it all possible. 

To celebrate, and also to raise even more funds for Movember, DGR teamed up with London-based helmet maker Hedon. Together, they brought in 10 different artists from around the world, each of which customized a Hedon helmet that’s now up for auction.  

They’re calling it a Decade of Dapper, and lined up a whole series of 10s to carry the theme through. The auction ends on October 10, 2021, and the current bids as of October 6, 2021 range from $700 up to $3,000. All proceeds from these auctions will benefit the Movember Foundation. 

Gallery: DGR x Hedon Decade of Dapper Helmet Auction

The full list of artists who contributed work to this project includes: 

  • Bradley Eastman 
  • Chris Piascik 
  • Helen Stanley 
  • Joel Clark 
  • Kayla Koeune-Weisel 
  • Luke Wessman 
  • Maxwell Paternoster 
  • Mo Coppoletta 
  • Sindy Sinn 
  • Steve Caballero 

If you love custom motorcycle helmet art, and you’re looking for a cool new piece to display while helping out a great cause, now’s your chance. While the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride took place in the fall in previous years, it moved to May for 2021. So, if you’re missing that great feeling of camaraderie with all the other riders around the world who love to support men’s health by riding dapper together, this is yet another way you can join in. Of course, it’s just cool to get a good look at the designs these creators have come up with, too.  

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