The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has reported a grand total of $4.1 million USD was raised during its global 2021 event. That’s over four million dollars going to Movember, a global charity focused on men’s mental and prostate health. Nice work, moto dandies! 

Started in 2012, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) is a worldwide, one-day event that brings riders together to raise money and bring attention to the mental well-being of male motorcyclists (and non-riders, too). Title-sponsored by Triumph, the themed ride encourages all participants (men and women) to dress in their finest suits while riding vintage or retro-styled motorcycles.


The 10th anniversary event brought together more than 65,000 debonair enthusiasts in 913 cities and 116 countries around the world. The DGR has now seen 340,000 global participants raise a total of $31.5 million USD. 

The DGR raises funds for cutting-edge research into prostate cancer, as well as men’s mental health and suicide prevention programs via Movember, the world’s largest men’s health organization. A newly-initiated Social Connections Challenge will utilize over $1 million in DGR funds to find ways to “improve the social connectedness, life satisfaction, and mental well-being of motorcycle riders.”  


The DGR website ranks its top fundraisers, where we noticed Joseph Mancinelli of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada somehow raised $92,395 for this year’s ride. His running total over four annual events is an unfathomable $266,233. While such numbers may not be attainable for you, every dollar raised is another dollar put toward the good causes of the DGR and Movember. 

Due to the pandemic, the 2021 DGR had an individual option (for social distancing), and it looks like you can still participate. Otherwise, sign up for an account and start scouring your local vintage shops for a new tweed suit in preparation for 2022.

Find out more at the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride website, and remember—if you’re 50 and over, talk to your doctor about your prostate health. 

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