If you’re an all-the-gear, all-the-time () rider, you have a lot of options to choose from in 2021. Plenty of different styles, colors, sizes, and materials are available for most types of riding. The divide between style and substance is getting smaller all the time, as more options that offer both those things become available. Still, there’s one major gap in moto protective gear that the team behind the Brummel Blazer wants to address, and it’s right in their product name. 

While plenty of riders around the world commute to work every day, what happens if your job is in an office, or you need to give a presentation? Most available options can be awkward. Of course, you could ride in a normal suit, or with a blazer and some dress pants. However, that won’t protect you at all in a crash, and that gear probably doesn’t offer the greatest flexibility for most riding positions, either. You could wear a moto jacket and some overpants, depending on sizes, but that’s also far from ideal. Finally, you could stuff a blazer in your backpack or a pannier, but again, that’s suboptimal at best.  

These are the problems that the Brummell Blazer Kickstarter hopes to solve. On the outside, it looks like a men’s blazer, available in your choice of checked, black, or navy colorways. However, just like your mama always told you, it’s what’s inside that really counts. We’re talking CE level 2 shoulder and elbow protectors, as well as a liner that uses Schoeller-Keprotec laced with Kevlar for abrasion resistance in a crash.  

Gallery: Brummell Blazer Kickstarter

Are you thinking about just how unhelpful a blazer button will be in keeping a jacket closed while riding? Say no more, there’s a special hidden YKK zipper to keep everything zipped up tight until you open it. There’s also a special removable zip-up gilet that acts as a windbreaking insert across a blazer’s usual opening point, across your chest. Wear it while you’re riding, then remove it for a more incognito blazer look off the bike. It’s a whole lot smaller and easier to store than an entire jacket, right?  

Co-founder Nino Karas said this jacket came from his own personal frustrations at being a rider, and also needing to dress nicely for work. He wanted to reconcile two important parts of his life, and wasn’t finding a product that fit his demands. So, he decided to make one. You say you want to ride like a distinguished gentleman/lady/them every day, but also be protected? Say no more, fam.

You can tell that some thought from at least one actual rider went into this design by its features. Besides the protective ones, there’s elastane incorporated into the back panel of the jacket, because you’re going to need that stretch across your shoulders. A normal blazer is probably not going to give you that, in most cases. Key ventilation is also included under the arms, which is a must if you want to both look and smell nice when you get wherever you’re going. Obviously, there’s only so much we can tell from photos and a written description, but it seems like a lot of consideration went into this design. 

The Kickstarter launches May 12, 2021, where the limited Founders Edition Brummell Blazer will be offered for $529. At the time of writing on May 7, there’s a placeholder where you can sign up to be notified upon the launch of this project. What do you think of this idea so far? It seems like an underexplored niche, so it will be interesting to see how well it’s received, and how the crowdfunding process plays out.  

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