Due to complications from the coronavirus, 2020’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was a bit different than previous iterations. The ride still went off as scheduled on September 27, 2020—but riders either went out solo or in small “bubble groups” to keep the risk of infection low. It’s easy to see how it may have been bittersweet. 

DGR organizers just announced their official date for the 2021 global event—and this time, you don’t have to wait until September. The next DGR will be held on Sunday, May 23, 2021 and organizers are hoping it’ll be bigger than ever. 

The explanation for this change, the organizers say, is simple. 2020 caused the team to re-evaluate a lot of things, and rider feedback from all over the globe pointed them toward this move. DGR says it’ll be a permanent shift, and didn’t just happen because 2020 was so weird and they want to get back to normal ASAP—although we’re pretty sure that had something to do with it. 

Since it’s a global event that takes place rain or shine, figuring out the best time to schedule so that more people are likely to have decent-ish weather is a definite challenge. Scheduling it for the last Sunday in September every year meant that some northern hemisphere riders had more difficulties than the rest of the group. Organizers are hopeful that this new date will mean more riders everywhere can comfortably participate.  

The 2021 event marks the 10-year anniversary of DGR, as well. While the organizers haven’t made any additional announcements about celebratory activities just yet, you can register your interest for the 2021 event here. 

So, if you need to get your best dapper gear in good nick for May, you have a few months to do it. Polish your best boots, sew up that one elbow patch that’s starting to come undone from your favorite tweed jacket, and get ready to roll Distinguished.  

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