Back in April, 2021, Yamaha introduced its woolen, needle-felted YZF-R1M face mask pattern. For those unaware, Yamaha has an entire arm devoted to fiber art interpretations of various items that it makes. You could, for instance, crochet yourself a little Niken GT, or a Vino, or even a little Yamaha generator!  

If you prefer needle felting, Yamaha has some patterns in that arena as well. In some cases, it even offers both amigurumi and needle-felted patterns for the same Yamaha object. (Yamahobject?) These projects can be great fun when you have a little spare time, or for while you’re watching sporting events or other cool-weather outdoor activities that don’t involve operating motor vehicles. 

Now, back when Yamaha introduced that R1M face mask pattern, we thought it was fantastic and hilarious, and I immediately made plans to make myself one (don’t worry, it’s coming). At the same time, I wished Yamaha had released it in the run-up to winter. After all, that’s when most people would be interested in something warm and wooly, not during late spring and early summer. 


It’s now September 30, 2021, and Yamaha just released a brand-new R1M-inspired pattern in time for the cold weather to set in. It is (drumroll, please) a knitted and crocheted R1M Muffler! That’s right, someone at Yamaha apparently loves their puns almost as much as we do.  

This muffler replicates the full exhaust system found on the R1M, from the headers to the silencer. Best of all, the catalytic converter has a zippered pouch inside that’s perfect to hold your gloves, mittens, or even your R1M face mask! (Can you tell I’m grinning my face off? I can’t wait to make this, for real.) 

Gallery: Yamaha R1M Muffler Amigurumi Project

As with the R1M face mask pattern, the R1M muffler pattern requires specific colorways of fiber, as well as thicknesses. While the R1M face mask required wool roving suitable for needle felting, the R1M muffler requires yarn. If you don’t already have the appropriate knitting needles, crochet hooks, pins, and/or other notions, you’ll need to buy or borrow those as well.  

The pattern is clearly laid out, and appears fairly simple to follow. As with the R1M face mask, there are accompanying videos to help you out at each step of the way. I’m including the last video in this post, because it shows the completed R1M muffler project. However, you can easily start from the beginning to follow each step of the way via Yamaha’s YouTube channel. 

Yamaha also includes a warning with this pattern, which reads, “Please do not wear the Amigurumi YZF-R1M Muffler when using motorcycles, bicycles, wheelchairs, ATV, snowmobiles, golf carts or marine products, etc. Please do not wear when using a snow blower either,” Since I plan to be wearing mine while shoveling out the next Chicago snowstorm, I should be good on that front. R1M Muffler knitalong, anyone? I’ll bring the cocoa.

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