In a July, 2021, study, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) calculated 225,000 charging stations throughout The Continent. While that number vastly outpaces other regions of the world, the ACEA also found that Europe will need to build 6 million more terminals to meet its goal of cutting emissions in half by 2030.

Of course, setting up charging stations requires construction and infrastructure work, which frequently increases costs and slows down projects. However, if charging modules can quickly and easily connect to the electric grid, it will go a long way toward meeting the E.U.’s ambitious emissions goals. That’s exactly what automotive giant Volkswagen and EV charging station manufacturer E.On have in mind with the new E.On Booster Drive.

Equipped with an integrated battery storage system, the plug-and-play terminal simply requires a socket connection instead of an expensive patch into an existing electrical network. Despite the easy installation, the E.On Booster Drive lives up to its name by simultaneously recharging two vehicles at 150 kW. At that rate, both cars will gain 200 km (124 miles) of range in just 15 minutes.

“We have decided to take charge of the development of the charging infrastructure by working with strong partners to increase the number of fast-charging stations in Europe by a factor of five by 2025,” stated Volkswagen AG Management Board Member Thomas Schmall. “Our collaboration with E.On will allow us to use the fast-charging stations developed and produced by Volkswagen Group Components. They are ideal for supporting the rapid development of charging infrastructure as the time and costs required for their installation are minimal.”

While the new generation E.On chargers are simpler and faster than most competitors, the tech is still reserved for Germany for now. Fortunately, E.On anointed the first Booster Drive system in Essen recently and the brand continues to market the hassle-free terminal. Hopefully, the joint effort of Volkswagen and E.On proves fruitful and expands to the rest of Europe soon.

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