The Verge TS has come a long way since the project’s inception in Teemu Saukkio garage. That’s where the Finnish designer developed the model’s hub-less rear wheel and rim-mounted motor, but he needed help bringing the motorcycle to the market. Originally named the RMK E2, the model took on the TS moniker (Teemu Saukkio’s initials) when RMK rebranded to Verge Motorcycles at EICMA 2019.

Verge quickly put the TS into production, and now, the brand is accepting pre-orders for the upcoming electric bike. Still featuring an 80kW (107 horsepower) motor, the TS produces 735 pound-feet of torque. Verge claims the model can achieve a sub-4-second 0-60mph time, yet the maximum range remains impressive at 180 miles in the city and 120 miles on the highway.

While the TS largely remains the concept that drew so much attention at EICMA 2019, Verge continues to improve the platform prior to its release. The range figures may be sufficient by today’s standards, but the company’s recharging efforts help the TS gain an edge. When connected to a DC fast charger, the TS regains 100km (62 miles) of range in the first 15 minutes. Even at home, the new electric bike only requires four hours to fully recharge.

Gallery: Verge TS Color Variants

Along with the rapid charging times, the Verge website shows various new colorways, hinting at the TS’s customizing potential. The all-black, white, green, and blue liveries are a nice addition to the orange color scheme that dominates Verge’s marketing materials. Even with the new developments, the e-bike largely remains unchanged. The hubless wheel and rim-mounted motor still draws awe and ire while the blocky design and aggressive headlight cluster give the TS a distinctive futuristic look.

Retailing for €24,990 (≈$29,500 USD), the Verge TS will require a €2,000 (≈$2,400 USD) deposit upon pre-order. Interested customers can check out the latest at Verge Motorcycles’ website, where they can poor over the specs and images as they wait for the TS’s long-awaited debut.

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