With summer well and truly at its tail-end, now may be a good time to invest in your fall and maybe even winter riding apparel. Those of you who continue to ride even through the colder months, are well aware of just how important thermal layers are when it comes to keeping you warm aboard your machine. Even the lightest shower can transform your ride from a cool and breezy stroll to a frigid, teeth-chattering nightmare.

Base layers, particularly for those of you who live in colder climates, are equally as important as your outer waterproof jacket and pants. They keep you warm and comfortable even when you take your jacket off. With that, Mosko Moto, a company specializing in ADV apparel and luggage accessories, has launched a new range of products called the Strata Merino Base Layer collection. This lineup of lightweight, comfortable, and antibacterial base layers consists of top and bottom layers, and are made out of Nuyarn, a specially developed type of merino fabric.

Mosko Moto’s Zip-off thermal bottoms offer the ease of use and comfort you would need for when the weather suddenly changes. It gets full-length leg zippers, an over-armor fit, and is cut right above the boot line, making it very easy to wear and remove. All you need to do is to drop your trousers, and zip the base layers onto your legs, and continue on your adventure. The Strata Merino Quarter Zip Thermal, on the other hand, is a casual style hoodie that goes underneath your jacket. It gets standard hoodie pockets up front, removable hood, and reinforced thumb loops to keep the sleeves in place, especially when actively moving around your motorcycle.

Mosko Moto’s Strata Merino thermals make use of Nuyarn technology, which is designed to enhance the comfort and thermal properties of merino fibers. It makes use of a blend of merino wool and nylon, which offers greater durability, higher stretch and recovery properties, and enhanced moisture management as opposed to standard merino garments. Both the Zip-Off thermal bottoms and the Quarter Zip jacket are available at $91 and $115 respectively.

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