Last time, KTM “accidentally” showed the RC 390 to the world. Now, however, the brand is slowly rolling out official teaser material—with no air quotes. On KTM’s Instagram page, a very shaky on-track video is shown, with the bike’s full frontal view on display along with a few other details. 

We also see a small portion of the bike’s right side. It looks like a new tank will be fitted on the RC, hopefully, something that is bigger than the 2.5-gallon tank capacity that the current generation has. I’d definitely like to see a larger fuel tank on the new model. The 2.5-gallon unit on the current generation is one of the RC’s cons, but it’s not such a big deal given that the engine is surprisingly fuel-efficient even when you wring it out. 

Looking at the teaser in tandem with the “official” photos, the bike looks true to the images that were mistakenly posted. The headlight looks more Duke-like, and the front fairings appear to be beefier than before. 

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We’re still expecting the same 373cc single-cylinder in the same chassis with up to 44 horsepower and a good 26.55 pound-feet of torque. WP suspension will definitely make a comeback for this platform, but perhaps KTM can one-up the rest of the competition and surprise everyone with an adjustable set for this second-generation RC. Tires look to be around the 110 to 120 width based on the tire warmer attached. 

I’m very curious to see the new headlight working. If it’s as good as the 390 Duke’s—and I have a feeling it will be, then it’s a great upgrade over the current generation’s projector set. Though, you could say that the RC’s iconic front end wouldn’t be possible without it. 

KTM 2022 RC 390 - Front, Right
KTM 2022 RC 390 - Rear, Left

A new livery is also seen in the video, nothing like the orange and the blue that the “official” photos have shown. A nice and clean orange and white colorway is showcased in the teaser. Meanwhile, the tank will be painted in KTM’s signature shade of orange, and that’s about all the video showcases save for the numbers 9-21, which could mean that the new RC 390 will finally break cover this September, which is awfully close. 

Hey, it’s like we’ve seen this before, right? We’re still in the dark as to KTM’s official specifications, but I’m eagerly anticipating what Team Orange has up its sleeve. 

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