The KTM 390 Adventure exists, which leads me to question the existence of such a kit for the 390 Duke in 2021. Made specifically for the second generation of Dukes, it gives the little sport naked an adventurous look, sans the need to buy an adventure bike.

The more I questioned the mod, the more I understood why it came to be in the first place. The KTM 390 Adventure is less than perfect for a lot of people as an adventurer, and for many, it’s a dolled-up Duke with chunkier plastic. It still has the same two-piece trellis frame that the second-generation Duke is known for, but it sports a set of 19-inch wheels in the front and 17s in the rear. It still has the same engine, but with more tech to tame the horsepower and torque coming from the 373cc single-cylinder beating at its core. 

Xplorer GT Kit Autologue Design KTM 390 Duke

Some people want a more road-going adventure bike, so this makes sense. Mind you, it’s just a fairing kit and not a complete package, but it really changes the lines of the Duke. 

So why does such a kit like this exist? Well, first of all, it looks darn good. Autologue Design is a company based in India that makes custom kits and mods for motorcycles. The kit comprises a front fairing that rehouses the headlight and attaches some extra fairings to the tank section of the bike. Again, it looks good, and save for the front ‘Duke’ decal getting cut off in the product photos, it’s a pretty snazzy kit. 

Xplorer GT Kit Autologue Design KTM 390 Duke

The whole front fairing is one set, consisting of a headlight housing that will reuse the stock LED system, and even a windshield. It even comes with its own set of decals included in the box. The concept art looked even more aggressive than the finished product. 

Not everyone can pony up the big bucks to just buy another bike in other parts of the world. So the solution is just to turn something you already have into something that suits your style. With its wide handlebars and its rather upright riding position, a lot of people from around the world have already turned the Duke into adventure tourers or sport-tourers by adding luggage racks, panniers, and everything in between even before the 390 Adventure came out. Heck, one could argue that the 390 Adventure existed even before it existed. 

It’s an interesting take on the Duke yet again. Other than the extra wind protection, the kit serves no other purpose than to look good. You lose the ability to turn your headlight along with your handlebars, but most adventure bikes don’t even bother with that anyway. 

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