In August 2020, Evoke, a boutique, performance-oriented electric motorcycle manufacturer unveiled the 6061. This powerful machine delivers incredible performance and range—160 horsepower and 470 kilometers of range. It even boasts the ability to charge from zero to 80 percent in just 15 minutes. It does, however, come at a rather hefty price tag of 26,000 Euros, or roughly $30,680 USD.

While the Evoke 6061 made headlines thanks to its incredible performance and range, unbeknownst to many is the fact that the company also has a roster of more approachable, budget-oriented offerings. It is with these bikes specifically that the company seeks to make its presence felt in Spain. Evoke Motorcycles has partnered up with Grupo Moto Ibérica to set up shop in Spain sometime after the turn of the summer—perhaps in October or November. The company seeks to open its doors in Madrid, Spain, with the rest of the country following shortly after.

Evoke 6061 Front

On offer will be three of Evoke’s street bikes, the 6061 included in the list. It is, however, from the other two that the company will likely reap more sales. The Urban Classic and Urban S are middleweight electric motorcycles designed to appeal to the younger, on-the-go urban dwellers. The Urban S, the more affordable of the two, features modern-day naked bike styling and is equipped with a 19kW electric motor that pumps out 25 horsepower and offers a total range of 250 kilometers. The Urban S is priced at 9,480 Euros, or the equivalent of $11,186 USD.

Evoke will also be launching the Urban Classic, which is basically the same bike as the Urban S, except with a round, retro-inspired headlight. This bike will go for a slightly more premium price of 9,980 Euros, or the equivalent of $11,776 USD. Setting the Classic apart from the Urban S is its built-in fast charger, which allows the bike to juice up its batteries up to 80 percent in just one hour.

Should Evoke find success in its initial launch in Madrid, the company seeks to expand into other parts of Spain such as Barcelona and Valencia. Expansion into Portugal, particularly in Porto and Lisbon, is also in the pipeline.

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