In 2019, BMW put the R nineT Racer variant on the shelf. While the model’s performance-oriented clip-ons and aggressive rider position delivered on the Racer moniker, the less-than-performance-oriented stock suspension didn’t. Suffering sales eventually led the House of Munich to nix the factory café racer.

Despite the Racer’s departure, many custom shops and garage builders still outfit the R nineT in vintage racer clothes. One such shop is Modena-based Ares. Known for its custom car builds, the firm also branches out to motorcycles from time to time. With the R nineT Scrambler and Racer already in its repertoire, Ares took a swing at the standard variant with its latest Bullet project.

Gallery: Ares Bullet Series: 2021 BMW R NineT

Limited to 25 units, the R nineT Bullet favors the classic part of the modern-classic category. From the bubble shield to the reshaped tank to the sharp tail unit, the carbon fiber bodywork instantly transforms the retro naked bike. The trims the front fender and adds a belly pan to tie the cosmetics together while a swingarm-mounted license plate bracket maintains the tail unit’s angular profile.

The upgrades aren’t all aesthetic, however. The Ares team swaps out the stock rear shock for a fully adjustable unit and adopts the clip-ons that were so divisive on the Racer. The builders also ditch the R nineT’s airbox and air intake along the right side for two conical air filters attached to each cylinder head. The oil/air-cooled, 1,170cc boxer now mates to a custom 2-into-2 exhaust system and a remapped control unit results in a prominent exhaust note.

Of course, bar-end mirrors, rear-set pegs, and tank strap complete the café racer look. The team finishes off the Bullet prototype with a yellow/black livery with the yellow contrast stitching on the black leather saddle and tank pads. In case such a bright paint job isn’t your style, Ares allows customers to add further customizations to the package. Unfortunately, prices are only available upon request and the team requires 2 months to build each unit, but R nineT Bullet packages are available to order immediately.

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