Moto Adonis, a Netherlands-based shop specializing in all things custom, has transformed this Harley-Davidson LiveWire into a functional piece of art, ready to rip the streets and turn heads while doing so. With a penchant for all things black, Moto Adonis has redesigned the LiveWire from the ground up into a sleek, futuristic electric machine.

When it came to the overall direction for this custom build, the team at Moto Adonis agreed that they would go all out in terms of modifications. No minor tweaks here and there, and no off-the-shelf modifications, either. Instead, the team opted to go for a thorough redesign of the bike’s styling. The result? This sleek and stunning all-black beauty which is barely recognizable as a Harley-Davidson LiveWire. From the get-go, Adonis Moto wanted to retain the rideability of the LiveWire, as such, all modifications on this build were centered towards retaining its ergonomics and performance.

Take A Look At This Radical Custom Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Dubbed The Rule Breaker, Moto Adonis gave The PACK an in-depth walkthrough on the four-month build process. The build started out with a conceptual hand-drawn sketch, with the finer design elements agreed upon by Moto Adonis and their customer. With the details ironed out, and digital renderings created, the team began the build process with cardboard and tape. Once the lines and angles were finalized, the team set out to craft all the bespoke body panels out of aluminum. Making use of traditional methods and tools such as hammers, an English wheel, and a lot of welding, The Rule Breaker began to take shape.

With the intricate bodywork out of the way, the team then turned their attention to the electricals. To complete the futuristic, yet minimalist styling, several LED lights were integrated into the bodywork. These lights featured the ability to change color with the flick of a switch in a mobile app on your smartphone. All the electrical add-ons were installed in such a way that they didn’t interfere with the bike’s stock wiring, as the team wanted to retain the bike’s reliability as best as they could.

Take A Look At This Radical Custom Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Take A Look At This Radical Custom Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Moving towards the rear of The Rule Breaker, a bespoke seat and tail section was crafted, with a chunk of the bike’s electronic components concealed inside of it. To top it all off, Moto Adonis finished The Rule Breaker with an all-black motif. This proved to be quite the challenge, as the bike’s aluminum body panels needed to be as straight as an arrow in order to achieve a flawless finish.

As it would turn out, Moto Adonis has quite an impressive repertoire of builds under its belt. Be sure to visit its official Instagram page for more head-turning custom creations.

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