Shoei is known the world over for producing some of the best motorcycle helmets money can buy. Occupying the premium side of the spectrum, Shoei’s repertoire of motorcycle lids not only offers striking styling, but also the highest level of safety for the rider. Shoei incorporates loads of proprietary technology to ensure that it offers the safest and most comfortable helmets that money can buy.

Unlike other helmet manufacturers which focus on hype and aggressive marketing, Shoei’s products speak for themselves, and as such, are used by some of the world’s best and brightest motorcycle racers. Continuing to innovate to offer elevated levels of comfort and safety, Shoei also offers its helmets in a vast array of color options which are sure to suit the tastes of the great majority of riders. Such is the case with its popular Z-8 full face helmet. Having been available in the market for a little over a year now, Shoei continues to introduce striking new colors for this premium helmet.

Shoei Unveils New Nocturne Graphics For Z-8 Helmet

The newest of which comes in the form of the Nocturne, a simple, understated design with a white base color. Now, this design will surely suit those who prefer minimalist styling with sleek graphics elements. Incorporating a white base color, the Nocturne features a red stripe at the bottom of the helmet, and green and white elements at the back. The sides and top of the crown are adorned in a very subtle pearlescent finish which gives a distinct contrast to the white base color.

Those who prefer a darker motif can also avail of the Nocturne colorway in a sleeker black finish with white accents. A black and pink version of the Nocturne is also available for those who want to inject a dash of color into their outfit.

Shoei Unveils New Nocturne Graphics For Z-8 Helmet

The Shoei Z-8 boasts features which put comfort and safety as top priority. Shoei is calling its design approach to the Z-8 as “comfort performance” and has equipped it with a new shield system which improves visibility and operability. For added comfort, the Z-8 incorporates an efficient ventilation system which makes use of operable vents situated on the front, top, and back of the helmet. The Shoei Z-8, in its Nocturne graphic option, retails for JPY 66,000, or the equivalent of $600 USD. For more information on the Shoei Z-8, as well as the other color and graphic options available, visit the Shoei official website linked below.

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