While the future of personal mobility clearly seems to be going a certain direction (i.e., boring, appliance-like electric scooters), this hasn’t stopped creative thinkers and artists from pushing the envelope when it comes to design. Now, we’ve seen all sorts of design concepts which display varying degrees of sensibility.

Some concepts have well and truly made their way to reality, while others are either simply too outlandish to create, or our technology has yet to reach that level. This striking design concept from design student Haochen Wei, who goes by Wenson, is clearly leagues ahead of what our current technology can create, however, it’s certainly an interesting prospect, albeit one that we won’t be seeing anytime soon.

Design Student Envisions Firefly-Inspired Husqvarna Devil S Concept

He calls it the Husqvarna Devil S, and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. Something of a mix between a sports car and a motorcycle, the Husqvarna Devil S concept is an enclosed two-wheeled vehicle which operates like a motorcycle, but offers the enclosed protection of a car. It even features striking scissor doors, similar to what we find on the Lamborghini Aventador. Wei states that the Devil S features doors which have been inspired by the shape of a firefly’s wings, and are meant to hug the rider at speed—offering an aerodynamic safety cocoon.

Design Student Envisions Firefly-Inspired Husqvarna Devil S Concept

Wei’s design certainly appeals to the younger generation of riders (or is it drivers?) who fancy super futuristic styling akin to that of science fiction movies. Now, this may all seem rather far-fetched, but it’s certainly clear that design trends are going down a two-pronged path towards the future. The first of which being the neo-retro craze that we see from the likes of Husqvarna and Honda, the second being ultra futuristic design concepts just Wei’s Devil S concept, and the recent crop of electric machines like the BMW CE-04 scooter.

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