Electric scooters have become extremely common sightings all across Europe and Asia. While the trend of electric-powered lightweight runabouts has yet to hit the mainstream in the U.S. market, there’s no denying the benefits such lightweight, emissions-free runabouts bring to the table, especially in densely populated urban settings.

The Zapp i300 Electric Scooter Charges Into Germany

We first heard of the i300, a premium lightweight electric scooter from British startup Zapp in 2018. It dazzled commuters with its sharp, space-age styling, and respectable tech features. Fast forward some three years later, and Zapp has begun expanding across the European market. Now available in Germany, the Zapp i300 certainly makes a strong case for the environmentally conscious commuter who has quite a hefty sum of Euros burning a hole in their pocket. That’s because the Zapp i300 fetches a steep price of 6,300 Euros, or approximately $7,500 USD.

Now this much coin indeed gets you a handsome and sporty electric runabout. But are the specifications really that impressive? Well, for starters it’s an incredibly lightweight machine—a feature that’s sure to lend itself to some enjoyable riding. At just 90 kilograms, the electric scooter’s power output of 19 horsepower is sure to feel like a lot more. What’s more is that Zapp claims that the i300’s bodywork is engineered out of a super sustainable composite material which is completely recyclable when the service life of the scooter comes to an end.

The Zapp i300 Electric Scooter Charges Into Germany

On the tech side, the Zapp i300 is juiced up by a battery pack consisting of two 1.4kW batteries. The batteries are swappable, each weighing in at just 5.4 kilograms and housed beneath the rider’s feet. This gives the scooter an incredibly low center of gravity thereby improving stability at speed, and making maneuvering through tight areas a breeze. Zapp claims that the i300 is capable of reaching a top speed of 98 kilometers per hour, or 61 miles per hour. Meanwhile, the batteries return a rather lackluster riding range of just 64 kilometers, or the equivalent of 40 miles—a figure easily bested by more affordable lightweight electric scooters.

Having said all that, the i300’s hefty 6,300-Euro price tag is hardly justifiable, other than the fact that it looks absolutely stunning and packs some premium kit. Additionally, the scooter’s price can go well beyond this figure, should you opt to deck it out with all the in-house options provided in Zapp’s website.

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