Apart from, you know, keeping you safe in the event of a crash, your helmet is also kind of like your face when you're riding your motorcycle. Now, the type of helmet and the preference for the design of such is as broad as fashion itself. I, for one, prefer a plain colored helmet with hardly any graphics whatsoever. However, there are a good number of folks out there who prefer their helmets laden with sharp, eye-catching graphics.

All helmet manufacturers offer their lids with a wide array of graphic options. However, as is the case with most things in life, you can't always get what you want. So, what if you really wanted a custom livery or design for a certain helmet, but that manufacturer simply doesn't produce that design? Or what if you wanted a fully personalized design? Of course, you could always take your helmet to a custom paint shop or designer. But are you assured they know how to properly paint a helmet without compromising its safety? 

Helmade Lets You Design Your Very Own Unique Helmet

Helmade certainly knows a thing or two about creating beautiful, custom-designed helmets. Founded in 2015, this German company is all about customizing the best and most premium helmets in the world. The company seeks to revolutionize the idea of purchasing a helmet from an in-store, off-the-shelf experience, to a highly personalized process centering on art and individuality. In its official website, Helmade says that each and every helmet you purchase from them is a "unique, personalized and handcrafted product, that is designed by you." 

The design process is extremely straightforward and completely digital. Helmade has developed the world's first online helmet configurator,  design tool which allows you to design your own helmet in 3D. Once you're satisfied with your custom design, you can then place an order for it online, and Helmade will take care of the rest. If you're interested in creating your own personalized lid, you can check out the 3D helmet configurator linked in the sources below. Helmade has worked very closely with Bell since opening its doors in 2015, and has since partnered up with the likes of Arai, Airoh, X-Lite, Premier, Bandit, and many others. 

Helmade Lets You Design Your Very Own Unique Helmet

Helmade's headquarters are located in Frankfurt, Germany. The company is equipped with a complete design studio and state of the art painting facilities. Each and every one of Helmade's creations is one hundred percent hand crafted, in order to produce exactly what the client has designed. Apart from creating custom, personalized helmets, Helmade's goal is also to rethink the future of helmet design. The company has partnered up with a selection of international helmet designers from all over the world to collaborate on new designs and innovations surrounding motorsports, racing, and motorcycle helmets.

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