Prior to its introduction, excitement about the Aprilia RS 660 almost couldn’t be contained. Once it finally broke cover for good, and people started to get their hands on it, it seemed like all that excitement was definitely justified. A Tuono 660 was the next most logical step—and of course, Aprilia followed through.  

Next thing, our neighbors from Noale gave the teeniest of hints of a Tuareg 660 in its EICMA 2019 booth. Unlike the bike on display, rider joy and anticipation was simply unconfined. For so long, Aprilia seemingly had a sizeable middleweight gap in its range—and at last, the pieces it chose to fill that gap seemed to be slotting perfectly into place. 

Since that time, of course, there’s been that connecting rod issue with the RS 660 and Tuono 660. Even there, though, Aprilia owned up to it pretty quickly. What’s more, the company isn’t simply replacing the faulty part and calling it a day. Instead, it’s also doing the right thing and replacing entire affected engines under a worldwide recall. It’s the kind of behavior you want to see from an OEM with machines you love, isn’t it? 

So, what’s next? While the company hasn’t made any official announcements just yet, Aprilia Product Marketing Manager Cristian Barelli recently spoke to Motociclismo about Aprilia’s current and near-future plans. He had quite a few interesting things to say, so you may want to take the time to read the full interview.  

Along the way, Barelli confirmed that as of July, 2021, Aprilia has no plans to make Euro 5-compliant versions of either the Shiver or the Dorsoduro. The reason, he said, is simple: The company is heavily focused on the new 660 platform right now. For one, it’s more modern, and for two, it’s extremely compact—which lends itself neatly to many different packaging options going forward. 

Speaking of which, Motociclismo directly asked if Aprilia is reconsidering a new, modern update of the well-loved Pegaso dual-sport. Barelli didn’t say it would happen for sure, but he did say that it’s currently under consideration. Check our Sources if you want to have a look through the full interview. 

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