With laws geared towards restricting the use and operation of off-road only motorcycles and powersports equipment looming over the horizon, there's no denying that now is the best time to start developing electric-powered alternatives. While there have been many innovations in the electric off-road motorcycle scene, it's nice to see more and more options pop up from new players all across the globe.

In line with the philosophy of guilt-free off-road motorcycle enjoyment, Czech/German startup, MXM, has unveiled its electric motocross prototype on its official website. After going through the concept bike's specs, I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed by what this company has envisioned for the future of leisure and even competitive off-road riding. MXM is operated by two companies—HENNLICH s.r.o. from the Czech Republic and Zwilling GmbH of Germany.  The two companies are working together to make the MXM electric enduro a reality. 

Electric Startup MXM Unveils Plans For Enduro Prototype

MXM states in its official website that the electric prototype has been built from scratch, and designed specifically to deliver electric motocross performance without any compromise. It claims that with the bike's robust electric powertrain, riders can focus on the track ahead of them, with the sole intent of improving their riding skills and having a great time. The MXM electric enduro eliminates the need to shift gears and use the clutch, as is the case with nearly all electric two-wheelers, and will also be equipped with multiple power modes which can be toggled on-the-fly. 

MXM highlights six key factors present in its electric enduro prototype. The first of which is the engine, which the company describes as an advanced electric motor mated to a proprietary transmission developed in-house. It will draw power from an easily swappable lithium-ion battery. MXM also highlights the bike's frame, which is made out of special high-strength steel with aluminum frame enforcement and swingarm, also developed in-house. The third highlight is the bike's cooling system which is described as a "forced-cooling" system meant to ensure the engine performs at its best for long periods of time.

Next up is the suspension, which consists of a rear Twin-Shock suspension setup designed to offer improved handling characteristics. Given the bike's sophisticated electric motor, advanced frame and chassis setup, MXM states that its electric enduro prototype will be a rather lightweight machine, tipping the scales at just 110 kg. Finally, MXM's electric enduro prototype boasts classic enduro ergonomics with the option to choose either a handlebar-mounted or foot-actuated rear brake. 

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