While lightweight electric scooters and motorcycles continue picking up steam, particularly in the Indian market, gasoline-powered scooters and commuters continue to assert their dominance in the market. That said, large motorcycle manufacturers like Bajaj and TVS continue to develop and innovate their offerings in the small-displacement commuter scooter segment. TVS has recently launched its sportiest variant of the NTorq 125 dubbed the Race XP.

With the NTorq being one of TVS' more popular commuter offerings, could this new sporty variant attract even more buyers? Well, at first glance, the NTorq 125 Race XP definitely looks pretty striking, especially in its race-inspired Tri-Color graphics scheme. Apart from the vibrantly redesigned colorway, the new NTorq Race XP boasts some pretty neat tech. It gets two riding modes which can be selected on the fly. This allows the rider to toggle between Street and Race modes with a push of a button.

TVS Launches Sporty NTorq 125 Race XP

TVS has fitted the NTorq 125 Race XP with a new IOT feature dubbed SmartXonnect, which gets a unique voice-assist feature, allowing riders to toggle between interface mode changes, built-in navigation, as well as other adjustments via voice commands. The scooter's built-in navigation system now includes a "Save Address" function, making it easier for riders to set their home and work addresses. A nifty Do Not Disturb feature is also available, should you wish to silence notifications from your smartphone whilst you're out for a ride.  

On the performance side of things, the new TVS NTorq Race XP retains its 125cc single-cylinder engine which churns out an adequate 10 horsepower and 10.8 Nm of torque. With the addition of two riding modes, you can toggle between Street mode, which has been designed to optimize efficiency. When the roads open up, you can then switch it to Sport mode, which unleashes all 10 ponies and gives the NTorq a top speed of 98 kilometers per hour. TVS has priced the new NTorq Race XP at a budget-friendly Rs 83,275, or the equivalent of $1,115—extremely enticing value for money for this sporty, yet economical commuter. 

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