Indian Motorcycle celebrated 100 years of its Chief model by overhauling the platform in February, 2021. The new retro styling and minimalist design suited the Chief Bobber best, but that streamlined approach doesn’t necessarily encourage two-up riding. To remedy the situation, German motorcycle dealership and repair shop Iwan-Bikes created a nostalgic sidecar, enhancing the bobber’s passenger accommodations.

Iwan has been fabricating custom sidecars for various motorcycle brands since 1993. It drew on that knowledge for the new Chief, re-engineering the brand’s Bella Vista sidecar to fit the American V-twin cruiser. Constructed with seamless, hand-welded round tubing, the robust trailer frame matches the Indian’s classic cradle frame. Iwan attaches the re-developed Bella Vista cockpit to the frame at four points. Similarly, the sidecar connects to the Chief Bobber at four points as well.

Iwan-Bikes Indian Chief Bobber Bella Vista Sidecar - Rear

The sidecar shape doesn’t replicate the Chief’s throwback attitude, but it certainly optimizes and . The Bella Vista also comes with a 175 / 55R15 car tire, but customers can choose between an aluminum or wire-spoke wheel for the rubber to ride on. Regardless of the wheel configuration, a disc brake provides more than enough stopping power. A mini-LED taillight also alerts trailing traffic to the rider’s braking efforts.

Iwan installed a foldable seat inside the cockpit and offers seat heating as an add-on option. Those planning on long-distance travel can even upgrade the sidecar with a windshield and luggage rack. Aside from the creature comforts, Iwan-Bikes also celebrates Indian Motorcycle’s 120th anniversary with a matching satin black paint base. Del Nilo Art also adds airbrushed images of historic Indian models previously on display at Austria’s Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum.

Iwan-Bikes Indian Chief Bobber Bella Vista Sidecar - Rear, Right
Iwan-Bikes Indian Chief Bobber Bella Vista Sidecar - Front, Right

Indian Chief Bobber owners interested in Iwan’s commemorative sidecar can request an estimate at the company’s website. The Bella Vista sidecar may not align with the bobber aesthetic, but it definitely helps with passenger and long-distance accommodations.

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