Be it as additional luggage space used alongside your top case or side panniers on long rides, or as your only means of carrying things around on shorter commutes, there's no denying how useful tail bags are, especially if you're one to opt against wearing a back pack. SW-Motech has just released a new range of tail bags designed to suit various touring applications. Let's take a closer look. 

SW-Motech's new Pro range of Tail Bags consists of quite a few options. If you're one to carry around quite a lot of things on your rides, then the SW-Motech Cargobag may be the tail bag for you. It features quite a lot of storage capacity at 50 liters—that's large enough to fit your full-face helmet in. What's even cooler is that the Cargobag can be compressed down in case you won't be needing all 50 liters of storage space. As is the case with all of SW-Motech's tail bags, the Cargobag is a universal fit on almost all motorcycles, and is kept in place via easy-to-use straps. 

Tour In Style With SW-Motech’s New Pro Tail Bags

If you're like me, and you prefer keeping things sleek and understated, then perhaps the Rearbag would make for a better option. Ideal for shorter stints around town, or the occassional day-trip to the countryside, the Rearbag offers a total of 34 liters of storage, compressible to 22 liters for when you're carrying fewer things. This setup is better suited to sportbikes and naked bikes, thanks to its svelte, streamlined styling. 

For smaller items such as portable battery packs, action cameras, and other gadgets, SW-Motch is also offering an accessory bag with a capacity of six liters. Lastly, the SW-Motech Rackpack features expandable storage capacity from 32 to 42 liters, as well as an 18-liter Tentbag, perfect for those overnight camping trips on long-haul adventure rides. 

All these products and more can be viewed at SW-Motech's official website, linked below. 

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