Still without any news of a Banana-Yellow colorway, the Yamaha Vinoora 125, makes its way to Vietnam as one of the quirkiest and most unique scooters available. It could also be one of the only scooters to lay eyes on you as well.

Yamaha launched the Vinoora 125 in Taiwan back in 2020. Vietnam will get the same specifications as the Taiwanese model. The googly-eyed scooter features two LED headlights that resemble a Minion's from the Illumination Studios animated franchise. The scooter comes with its standard array of colors from the Taiwanese model, none of which include a highly-requested Banana-Yellow colorway—bummer. Whatever way you look at it, it can either resemble a Minion or Wall-e if you want to see things differently. 

Moving on to specs, the scooter is powered by a 125cc air-cooled two-valve single-cylinder engine that punches about 135.7 miles per gallon. The scoot only gets a one-gallon tank, which is plenty adequate for the market that it'll be sold in. Apart from that, it gets a few more features as standard such as a start-stop system which further enhances fuel efficiency by shutting off the engine when coming to a stop. Power is coursed through a continuously variable transmission (CVT). While Yamaha themselves did not provide power figures, sources claim and estimate the number to be around the 8 horsepower range. Not surprising given that it is a fuel-efficient city scoot with a lovable personality. 

Yamaha Vinoora Front
Yamaha Vinoora Front and Left Side View
Yamaha Vinoora M

Vietnamese customers will also enjoy the LED headlights and taillight, along with the digital gauge cluster. Yamaha was also kind enough to throw in a USB-A charging port for smartphones. 

On top of its quirky looks, buyers can also browse and buy out a full catalog of accessories for the Vinoora. Owners can opt for protection parts, grab bars, and other additional trimmings for their Vinoora 125. 

Love it or hate it, the little scoot is reaching other regions in Asia. Vietnamese Yamaha fans ogling the bug-eyed scoot may finally get their hands on one. The question is will it reach the rest of Asia or even the West? 

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