Let’s say you really like Suzuki’s new design direction for the 2022 GSX-S1000, but you’re only just learning to ride in Europe. Alternatively, maybe you’ve been away from riding for a long time, but want to come back. Don’t worry, Suzuki’s got you.  

Suzuki UK announced that its new GSX-S950 will roll out across the country in August, 2021. It’s designed to fulfill A2 license restrictions, so its stock 95 horsepower can easily be restricted down to 47 horsepower. Then, when those learner riders meet the requirements to get an unrestricted license, the bike can then be derestricted so it performs at full power.  

It’s almost like getting two bikes in one, only without the extra expense for riders in that situation. Now, it is, of course, a far cry from the claimed 150 horsepower the new GSX-S1000 makes. Still, once you’re no longer riding on an A2 license, you can have your pick of higher horsepower bikes, made by Suzuki or otherwise. 

2022 Suzuki GSX-S950 - Front Closeup

Power isn’t the only change on the new GSX-S950. Suspension and brakes also got downgraded, presumably so Suzuki can offer it at a more affordable price point to those newer, younger riders. The fork is a non-adjustable KYB, and those nice Brembo brakes have been downgraded to Tokicos instead. Neither Suzuki UK nor other Suzuki outposts in Europe announced a price for this model just yet, but they’re clearly aiming for it to be less expensive than its more powerful sibling.  

Still, there’s also plenty that hasn’t changed for the GSX-S950. You still get Dunlop Roadsport 2 tires, three traction control modes, a ride-by-wire throttle, low RPM assist, and those stacked LED headlights. At launch, three colors will be available: Pearl Brilliant White, Metallic Triton Blue, or Metallic Matt Black No. 2.  

How well will this new model go over with new riders in Europe? It’s too early to say yet, especially since pricing has yet to be announced. Still, more options for bikes that new riders can effectively grow into as their skills advance is probably a good thing. As more seasoned riders know, maybe you love a bike forever, and maybe you don’t. Maybe you end up selling it to the next rider behind you, and the circle of bike continues. 

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