It’s difficult to change sometimes. While we weren’t there when motorcycling first began, it’s not hard to imagine people asking questions like, “what do you want to put an engine in that thing for?” and “what’s wrong with just riding a good old bicycle?” Yet, of course, you wouldn’t be reading (and we wouldn’t be writing) RideApart if we didn’t all come to love motorcycles, right? 

As electric motorcycles and scooters roll out around the world, various combinations of things are making them take hold more quickly in some markets than others. Unsurprisingly, if you’re in a country where the government has plans to ban ICE vehicles by a particular date, that transition is going to come pretty quickly by necessity. The shift from piston-powered bikes to electric ones doesn’t mean that both don’t have individual merits. I mean, plenty of motorcyclists still ride bicycles, don’t they? They’re just good for different reasons, and at different things. 

Organizers of France’s second-annual Elektrafuture feel the same way about electric bikes. Together with Swedish electric off-road bike maker CAKE, as well as a host of additional sponsors, they’re hosting Elektrafuture 2.0 in Saint-Tropez, France from June 24 through 27, 2021. The event is an all-electric enduro and motocross festival.  

The official Elektrafuture blog is updated frequently, and may have answers to most questions you may want to ask about the event. The weekend’s racing program has already been posted as a flier on the site, and some music and food info is posted as well. 

As with all events held during the pandemic, information may be subject to change on very short notice. Local pandemic restrictions are changing all the time. We know, we’ve been living through this situation for over a year now, but unfortunately it isn’t over yet. If you plan to attend, keep an eye on Elektrafuture’s social media pages for the most up-to-date information about what to expect, as well as any changes of plan. 

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