Do you love the look of your BMW R nineT Racer, but wish it was a bit easier to live with as an everyday rider? You’re clearly not alone. As a matter of fact, suspension specialist Wilbers put together a nice, tidy little kit filled with accessories to make your R nineT Racer not only look the business, but simultaneously also be more comfortable. 

By now, you’re probably familiar with the halcyon, near-euphoric stage of new bike ownership where you’re so in love with your new ride that it can do no wrong. In most cases, though, the rose-colored glasses come off, sooner or later. Pretty soon, you start to notice little things here and there that you really wish were different about your bike. That’s why kits like this exist. 

In this case, the Wilbers R nineT conversion kit includes the following pieces: 

  • Wilbers Adjustline 640 suspension 
  • Wilbers fork springs 
  • Wilbers Hyper Race steering damper 
  • ABM Multiclip handlebar 
  • Gilles adjustable footpegs 
  • Wunderlich windshield (which adds an extra 5 centimeters, or nearly 2 inches in height) 
  • Side stand extension (manufacturer unspecified) 

Cost for this total kit is 2,255 Euros (or about $2,734), according to Motociclismo, which says you can currently obtain it through Wilbers Italia. As of June 14, 2021, it’s unclear if this package is only available through Wilbers Italia, or if Wilbers plans to offer it in other markets, as well. Since the R nineT Racer is a bike available all over the world, it stands to reason that such a package might go over well in far more places than just Italy.  

That suspension alone offers some serious benefits, including an additional 10mm of travel in front and 20mm in the rear. The handlebar adds 40mm of width, adjusting the ergonomics to be more comfortable for your everyday rides, and a bit easier on the wrists. 

For reference, Wilbers estimates the entire installation process for this kit to take around four hours. However, as with any aftermarket accessories, your personal mileage will vary based on your individual wrenching experience, available tools, possible need for extra pairs of hands, and workspace. All estimated installation times, therefore, are best taken with a few grains of salt.  

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