World-class trials rider and YouTube sensation Pol Tarres has a new T7. 

In 2020, Tarres wowed us all with the short film The Seeker, in which he tested the upper limits of what was possible on the then-new Yamaha Ténéré 700. His masterful riding, which could be described as parkour on a middleweight ADV bike, was beautifully captured by the Echevarría Brothers video production team. Their captivating cinematography and fun-to-follow storyline helped the film garner critical acclaim and more than 1.6 million views on YouTube to date. 

In preparation for the sequel, The Seeker 2, Tarres and his newly-formed Trece Racing Society team have built a new T7 that’s more modded than the mostly-stock production unit he rode in the first film. Tarres wants the riding and the visuals to be even more extreme this time around—no small feat—and that required some more serious tweaks to the Yamaha

For Tarres to take his riding exploits to the next level meant two main things: less weight and better off-road capability. The team was able to shed an impressive 30 pounds off the stocker, achieved mostly by removing unnecessary items (such as the entire ABS system) and replacing the stock exhaust with a lightweight Akrapovic system with a titanium header. Suspension has been optimized for Tarres’ daring feats by renowned tuner Eric Augé, including more fork oil (to stiffen up the front end), but the suspension componentry itself remains stock.  

Other bits include a Motortek crash bar system and nice, boxy skid plate (custom-made by Motortek), aggressive Mitas tires, Magura levers, and Rtech hand guards. 


Of course, looks mean everything when you're a YouTube star, and the paint and graphics are what really gives this bike its rugged, ready-for-anything look. While not everyone’s a fan of a tan/brown colorway, Tarres clearly likes it; this new T7 is visually akin to the one he rode in The Seeker. (By the way, you can buy the graphics kit for your own T7 from a company called Living This Bike Life for about $225 USD.) 


We know there’s a sequel coming out, but travel restrictions due to the pandemic have made it difficult to scout for locations. Sources say Portugal might be the ultimate destination, but there is no word on a production start date, nor a release date. Based on the buzz that the first movie generated, however, you’ll surely hear about it when it drops. 

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