People love motorcycles for all kinds of different reasons. Riding them is fantastic, of course—but some of us also love few things more than a good project. If you’ve been looking for your next project bike, and you want to get your hands on a 1979 that doesn’t look like a basket case, but could definitely use some TLC, read on. 

According to the seller, they picked this bike up in 2004. Since that time they either did, or had a shop do, some work on it. It’s been sitting in a garage in Orlando, Florida for the past 10 years, unridden. Work prior to storage included a full carburetor cleaning and syncing back in 2007, but clearly this bike would need a thorough going over before you attempt to run it again in 2021. The seller did put on about 1,000 of the 23,000 miles currently shown on the odometer prior to storage. Actual mileage is unknown. 

Importantly, the seller had the inside of the tank coated with a protective coating at some point prior to its storage. In answer to one commenter’s question, the seller said that while they’re not currently in Orlando right now, they usually tended to store bikes with a tank full of fuel and Sta-bil. They added that they can’t say 100 percent that’s what they did, but it’s very likely. This bike is offered at no reserve, but that’s definitely good information for any serious bidders to have. 

Gallery: 1979 Honda CBX

The bikes fuel tank, tail, side covers, and front fender were painted in metallic red and black with gold and red accents prior to storage. This CBX comes with an aftermarket quarter-fairing with a red-tinted windscreen that goes nicely with the paint, along with its center and side stands, a two-up saddle with a passenger grab strap, clip-on handlebars with aftermarket grips, and instrumentation with faded lenses that the next owner will definitely want to address.  

Suspension is comprised of a conventional fork and dual shocks mounted to the swingarm. Dual disc brakes with single-piston calipers stop you up front, while a single disc stops you in the rear. This CBX rolls on silver Comstar wheels, with a 19-inch unit up front and an 18-inch in the back. Both are wrapped in Bridgestone Spitfire tires that the seller says have seen better days, and need to be replaced.  

Although the listing calls out the carb cleaning and syncing in 2007, as well as the paint job, there’s zero mention made of any other kind of maintenance whatsoever. That means no talk of fluid flushes, spark plug or battery changes, brake pad changes, or even basic chain maintenance. The seller does seem to be very responsive in the comments on this listing, so it’s a great place to ask those questions if you’re interested in bidding. As of June 9, 2021, the bid is up to $5,500, and this auction ends later today. That means you’d better make a move if you want your to be on its way to you. 

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