We've talked at great length about how Royal Enfield's motorcycles make for the perfect blank canvas for both novice and veteran custom bike builders to unleash their creative talents on. With custom Enfield builds taking on all shapes and sizes, most builders seem to be satisfied with the bikes' engine performance, particularly when it comes to the 650 Twins. 

This is indeed understandable, given the fact that both the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 were never designed to be competition-spec machines with performance in mind. Nonetheless, the 650cc parallel-twin motor found in these bikes is by far the most powerful and technologically advanced mill to roll out of RE's manufacturing facilities. While around 40 horsepower is adequate for city riding and the occasional ride on the interstate, those looking for a bit more grunt may find it a bit lacking.

Check Out This 865cc Bore Kit For The Royal Enfield 650 Twins
Hitchcocks Motorcycles' 865cc bore kit for the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.

So, what do you do when you want just a tad more power, but want to retain that classic, barebones riding feel so characteristic of Royal Enfield's 650 Twins? Well, Hitchcock Motorcycles, a U.K.-based company speciaizing in Royal Enfields has developed a bolt-on solution meant to bring out quite a bit more power from the 650 Twins—a massive 50-percent increase in power. This bolt-on bore kit, as explained in great detail in the video, increases the bike's engine displacement to a massive 865cc, as well as its power output to around 60 horsepower, as against the stock 40 ponies. 

Of course, Derek of Hitchcock Motorcycles runs us through other, less intrusive options when it comes to eking out just a tad more performance from the Interceptor 650. If you're feeling a bit iffy about bolting on a bore kit to your shiny new Interceptor 650, an aftermarket full system exhaust, as well as a Dynojet power commander may be a better option for you. Nonetheless, it's pretty cool to see new performance-oriented aftermarket components being developed for Royal Enfield's 650 platform. 

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