We have some sad news for all the Ducatisti out there. Toward the end of May, 2021, Ducati officially announced that World Ducati Week 2021 will no longer be held at the Riviera Romagnola in July, 2021. The official word is that the annual worldwide gathering is now postponed until 2022. 

As for the reason why, unless you’ve been on another planet since roughly March, 2020, you already know that COVID is behind it. The global pandemic, coupled with the accompanying uncertainties regarding what the local public health and safety situation will be like in July combined to bring Ducati to this decision.  

Here’s the full announcement from Ducati. 

“World Ducati Week is the celebration of all Ducatisti. Thousands, from all over the world, gather on the Riviera Romagnola to celebrate and share the great passion for Ducati,” it begins. 

“We hoped to be able to organize the event in July 2021 but the reality is that today it would not be possible to guarantee the serenity and safety necessary to realize the great party we want for so many people. This is why, unfortunately, we have decided to postpone the next edition of World Ducati Week to 2022, when we can all celebrate together,” the announcement continues. 

“We will do everything to make the next edition even more memorable and engaging. Because a party can be postponed, but the passion never stops! #ForzaDucati” it concludes. 

While vaccines continue to go into the arms of citizens in many countries, as has been true this entire pandemic, different global areas continue to face different virus-related challenges at different times. Therefore, it’s difficult to plan advance events with certainty, and allowing plenty of room for postponements and cancellations will probably stay with us for the foreseeable future.  

We don’t know how things will look in July, 2022. It’s important to remember that wherever you are in the world, your local pandemic situation is not the same everywhere. The Los Angeles Times posted a useful piece showing the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as of May 25, 2021, in five graphs, if you’d like to see a bird’s-eye view of the situation and how it has fluctuated over the course of this event so far. 

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