motorcycle gear maker Bering dates back to 1951. The company went by the name Plastex and specialized in gear for motorcyclists and blue water sailors in its early years. It later changed its name to Bering (after the Bering Strait) to reflect its core products. So, when Bering introduced its Bario mesh jacket, it also included accommodations for colder climes.

The jacket’s outer shell consists of FibreTech 600D material and 3D mesh. On the inside, a fixed mesh lining keeps the rider cool by default. With openings at the chest and back, the ADS ventilation system also maintains optimal airflow on warmer rides. When the weather takes a turn for the worst, a waterproof BWTech Classic membrane repels moisture while a removable Shelltech Super thermal liner insulates from the cold.


The Bario doesn’t just shield the rider from the elements, however, it also provides a high level of crash protection as well. CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor come standard on the multi-season jacket. Customers will have to purchase a back pad if they want to beef up the Bario, but reflective materials also deliver a high level of visibility and protection.

In terms of comfort, Bering adds hip adjustment straps, cuff fasteners, multiple collar buttons, and upper-arm snaps to get the fit just right. A jacket-trouser connection zipper at the rear extends that premium fit. Three exterior and two interior pockets should provide more than enough storage for most riders.


Retailing for €199.99 ($244 USD), the Bering Bario comes in a white/gray/black colorway for men and black/gray/fuscia for women. Men’s sizes range from XS to 4XL while women can choose from T0 through T6 sizes. No matter your size or local climate, the Bering Bario should have you covered in all situations.

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