Unlike motorists, motorcycle riders need to dress for the season. Coverage and water-resistance are critical for winter gear while summer kits need to be breathable and lightweight. Inevitably, that leads to a closet full of specialized apparel, but four-season jackets are helping motorcyclists consolidate their wardrobe. Now, Spidi is introducing one of the most versatile jackets on the market with the Vision Light.

Consisting of three layers, the Vision Light adapts to all situations and conditions. Spidi’s H2Out outer shell is waterproof but the jacket also optimizes airflow with multiple vents. The 3-layer polyamide fabric also delivers increased abrasion resistance. The Mission Softshell thermal layer provides a level of insulation, preserving warmth in cooler temperatures. Under it all, the Base-1 Armor features Spidi’s In-StepArmor with CE Level 1 protectors at the shoulder and elbows. Pockets for back and chest armor are included but customers will need to purchase them separately.

Gallery: Spidi Vision Light Jacket

While the Vision Light’s multiple layers work as a system, they also function well individually. Spidi’s four-season jacket allows users to tailor the package to the season and situation. For warmer temps, the base layer alone should have you covered. When the weather turns wet, users can combine the Base-1 Armor and hard shell for water-resistant coverage. By adding the Mission Softshell to the equation, the Vision Light can also take on colder conditions.

Spidi Vision Light Diagram

Of course, most riders will wear the jacket on the bike, but the multilayered Vision Light also performs well out of the saddle. By removing the protective base layer, the soft shell works well in warm weather while users can wear the H2Out top layer in the rain. Combining the two layers increases resistance to frigid temperatures. Yes, motorcyclists are beholden to the weather, but the Spidi Vision Light jacket should have you covered in all situations.

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