For those of us in colder climes here in the States, the riding season is finally upon us. While most enthusiasts are wrapping up their winter projects and bringing their daily riders out of winter storage, off-road riders are prepping for more outdoor adventures. Gear makers are doing the same, and REV’IT! just introduced a brand-new off-road collection for dedicated enduro riders.

REV’IT!’s Dirt series stresses lightweight construction without sacrificing protection and coverage. Whether you’re blasting through the Baja desert or traversing the Rockies, the Dirt series should keep things light and comfortable even in extreme conditions. By adopting a modular system, REV’IT! positions the new collection as the one-stop-shop for all your enduro gear needs.

Gallery: 2021 REV'IT! Dirt Collection

Featuring the Blackwater Smock and Element Jacket, the brand’s waterproof jackets boast a four-season outer shell with an integrated hydratex 3L waterproofing system. If you don’t need such comprehensive coverage, the Territory Jacket’s PWR|Mesh fabric should keep core temperatures down when the mercury rises. The Sierra Jersey provides similar benefits, but the lightweight Barrier Rain Smock specializes in wet weather protection.

In the bottoms department, REV’IT!’s Peninsula Pants offer the brand’s premium protection and comfort in an in-boot fit. Conversely, the Continent and Element H2O Pants come in as the out-of-boot cuts. The Peninsula Trousers are the PWR|Mesh option in the range for improved ventilation. All Dirt collection jackets and pants include CE-rated level 1 armor but REV’IT! also sells CE-rated level 2 upgrades, neck braces, back protectors, and armored base layers.

Hand protection is also prioritized with the Massif and Caliber gloves. The CE-approved mitts consist of leather, mesh, and REV’IT!’s PWR|Shield material. The flexible yet robust protection at the knuckles suit challenging off-road endeavors while maintaining airflow and light weights. More information on the Dirt collection is available at REV’IT!—just in time for the riding season.

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