Brembo celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021. To recognize the milestone, the Italian brand is looking to its decorated past and bright future—quite literally. Featuring a series of LED lights, Brembo’s New G Sessanta Concept pushes braking systems into a new frontier of the information age.

Starting from the company’s first motorcycle brake caliper created in 1972, the Brembo design team modernized the unit to fit today’s purposes. Cooling fins now double as strips and a light-up “mood ring” outlines the piston shaft. Of course, the light show is customizable to match any bike’s aesthetic, but it can also relay critical information.

The New G Sessanta caliper reports the condition of the caliper and the motorcycle with color-coded alerts. When paired to Brembo’s app, the binder touts GPS and emits a courtesy light, helping users find their vehicle. An app-controlled locking/unlocking feature adds a new level of security as well.

Gallery: Brembo New G Sessanta Concept

While the New G Sessanta concept presents numerous benefits, Brembo hasn’t exactly outlined how they plan to power the futuristic caliper. One might assume that a new electric wiring network would drive the system, but that also adds to the ample plumbing already present on modern-day braking systems.

Just how the New G Sessanta interacts with dual-channel ABS, linked brakes, or lean-sensitive applications remains to be seen. As more manufacturers develop electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel motorcycles, the brakes giant has to keep up with the progress. Yes, the system may add yet another electronic farkle to modern motorcycles, but with riders demanding more data, security, and safety, Brembo has to adapt. The New G Sessanta is meant to light the way for Brembo’s future, prioritizing innovation for, hopefully, another 60 years.

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