A limited run of just 300 examples exclusive to France.

When BMW launched its middleweight naked streetfighter, the F 900 R early last year, it welcomed a flock of younger riders into its customer base. Featuring razor-sharp styling, a punchy engine, and most importantly, an affordable price tag, this bike has been considered by some to be one of the most un-BMW bikes in the German company's roster. 

Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it goes to show that BMW is capable of offering a pretty strong contender in the affordable middleweight segment. The fact that the F 900 R has opened BMW's doors to younger riders is a pretty cool bonus, too. That being said, the F 900 R is no slouch. Equipped with an 895cc parallel-twin engine, the F 900 R pumps out a healthy 105 horsepower. It can, however, be detuned to just 45 ponies to accommodate riders in the A2 licensing bracket, and subsequently be unlocked once the learner obtains his or her full motorcycle license. 

BMW Launches Limited Edition F 900 R Force
BMW Launches Limited Edition F 900 R Force

Now, the folks over at France have received a pretty cool limited edition variant of the F 900 R. BMW has launched the aviation-inspired F 900 R Force in the French market, limited only to a 300-unit production run. Now, apart from the striking blue and fluorescent colorway, which was in fact inspired by the aviation industry, the F 900 R Force gets a host of optional upgrades, which will be added onto the bike's 9,790 Euro price tag—900 Euros more than the standard F 900 R. 

The BMW F 900 R Force can be purchased off the dealer floor equipped with an A2 restriction kit which can be unlocked to unleash all 105 ponies. Additionally, buyers can opt to have the in-house quick-shifter installed. The F 900 R Force also comes standard with a belly pan with fluorescent accents, as well as a passenger seat cowl complete with Limited Edition wording. 

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